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Getting engaged has been one of the most exciting moments of my life and I am now searching for an engagement ring.

There are so many styles to choose from and yet I couldn’t decide on a ring that was a good match for my personality. I really wanted a ring that represented who I was as a person and as a mother. My fiance told me that I should look into ordering a customized ring.

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Wax Model Engagement Ring Design

I instantly liked the idea because I felt that most jewelers offered the same styles, seriously shop around and you’ll see what I mean. I wanted an engagement ring that really stood out and wanted a design that no one else had. I also like the idea of designing my own because I felt that playing a part in the process would really make the engagement ring unique.

I thought that designing my own engagement ring was a great way to get exactly what I wanted without going over budget. I have been comparing different diamonds, materials and setting types to create the perfect design without overspending on the engagement ring.

I haven’t ordered my engagement ring yet because I am still comparing my options. I have found that several jewelers give you the option to create a customized design. Most of these jewelers offer an online tool to choose the right diamond and create a design for the ring. I also contacted a few local jewelers over the phone and I was told that I could tell them exactly what I wanted when I was ready to order my engagement ring.

I have seen the engagement rings that my friends have and I think that the designs are usually very similar. All the engagement rings I have seen featured a round diamond set on a simple band. I think I want to get something more original and have been looking into having several smaller diamonds set in the ring.

I also really like the idea of designing my own ring because I can easily choose which materials I want the ring to be made from. I have had allergies to some pieces of jewelry in the past and am excited at the idea of choosing the exact alloys I want for my ring.

I have also been thinking about getting an engagement ring with a colored diamond. It is not easy to find rings with designs that are reminiscent of engagement rings and with colored diamonds. Designing my own engagement ring will allow me to choose the colored diamond I want and to create a ring that really looks like an engagement ring.

I haven’t been able to find an engagement ring I really like because I feel that most designs lack originality. I like having my own style and always look for accessories that match my personality. I think that my engagement ring needs to go with the style I have created over the years and want a design that is more original than what most jewelers are offering.

Customizing my engagement ring will allow me to express my individuality and I really enjoy the creative aspect of the design process. Jewelers are real artists and I like the idea that I will have a ring that is truly unique. I feel that a part of my personality will be in the ring once I decide on the design I want.

Custom Ring Idea

What do you think of something like this one?

I had no previous experience with jewelry and design but I have found that creating designs is very easy thanks to the online tools created by different jewelers. I haven’t ordered my engagement ring yet but I have tested a few of these tools to see how they work and to play with different ideas. I have found a few different designs I like for the setting and am still wondering what kind of diamond I really want for my ring.

It has been my experience that designing an engagement ring online is very easy. I have also called a few different jewelers to ask about this process and I feel confident that I will get exactly what I want once I decide on a design and a diamond for my ring. I have been having a lot of fun with shopping around for a diamond and deciding on the exact design and materials I want for my engagement ring.

I think that getting engaged is really a special occasion and I didn’t want an ordinary ring. I want a diamond ring that truly reflects who I am and I think the best way to do that is to play a part in the creative process. I still need to spend some time on comparing different designs and diamonds before I finally choose a jeweler and order the exact engagement ring I want to celebrate this special occasion.


Though I have browsed a few stores and websites now, I’m still kind of in limbo. I like the red stone image above, but removing the section where the fingernails are touching is kind of what I have in mind.

Looking forward to input on your experiences too 🙂

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